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Standard "full-travel" alphanumeric keyboards have keys that are on three-quarter inch centers (0.750 inches, 19.05 mm), and have a key travel of at least 0.150 inches (3.81 mm). Desktop computer keyboards, such as the 101-key US traditional keyboards or the 104-key Windows keyboards, include alphabetic characters, punctuation symbols, numbers and a variety of function keys. The internationally common 102/105 key keyboards have a smaller 'left shift' key and an additional key with some more symbols between that and the letter to its right (usually Z or Y). Also the 'enter' key is usually shaped differently.[1] Computer keyboards are similar to electric-typewriter keyboards but contain additional keys. Standard USB keyboards can also be connected to some non-desktop devices.

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Keyboard A4TECH  A-Shape
Keyboard  A4TECH PS/2  A-Shape, black ..
28.76 RON
Keyboard A4Tech  A-Shape USB
Keyboard A4Tech  A-Shape USB black ..
34.92 RON
Keyboard A4TECH  PS/2 A-shape Smart Keyboard
A4TECH keyboard PS/2 smart keyboard A-shape black. ..
24.90 RON
Keyboard A4Tech Backlight blue light
Keyboard A4Tech Backlight blue light KD-126-1 ..
90.37 RON
Keyboard A4Tech Backlight white light
Keyboard A4Tech Backlight white light KD-126-2 ..
90.37 RON
Keyboard A4TECH Black
Keyboard A4TECH  PS/2, black ..
28.76 RON
Keyboard A4Tech Comfort Round
Keyboard  A4TECH PS/2, comfort round, black.   ..
27.21 RON
Keyboard A4TECH Ergonomic
Keyboard A4TECH PS/2 ergonomic black  ..
23.36 RON
Keyboard A4TECH Ergonomica
Keyboard A4TECH PS/2 ergonomica silver-black ..
29.27 RON
Keyboard A4TECH Multimedia
Tastatura A4TECH Multimedia PS/2 black ..
32.35 RON
Keyboard A4TECH Multimedia A-Shape
Keyboard A4TECH Multimedia A-Shape PS/2 Silver/Black ..
35.69 RON
Keyboard A4TECH Multimedia Comfort Round
Keyboard A4TECH Multimedia PS/2 Comfort Round Silver/Black ..
32.86 RON
Keyboard A4TECH Slim
Keyboard A4TECH PS/2 slim-black ..
27.73 RON
Keyboard A4TECH Smart
Keyboard A4TECH PS/2, smart, black ..
29.27 RON
Keyboard A4Tech USB
Keyboard A4Tech USB black ..
32.86 RON
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